Back up cameras are usually angled downward and aren't going to warn you of overhangs that you will possibly back into. First week I had my car with backup camera, i zipped back into a spot, only to hear a knock on my rear window. There was a fire sprinkler that was hanging down below the parking structure duct work.… » 2/09/15 7:19pm 2/09/15 7:19pm

You just have to do it right. I live in Hollywood, and work in Downtown. My car is two years old and has 12k miles on it (that includes at least 5 trips to NorCal at 350 miles each way). I walk all over the place, gym, movies, groceries, to great hiking and take the subway to work. » 2/06/15 8:01pm 2/06/15 8:01pm