People are painting him as a liar because he is a FUCKING liar. He testified in 2003 that David NEVER touched him, and never had any inappropriate relationship with him. Now he turns around in 2014 and sues him for RAPE!? that's a fucking liar. He testified that he never left the US and never went to Hawaii.. now… » 6/05/14 7:01pm 6/05/14 7:01pm

I do this almost exactly. Also to help you know when to switch to step two.. pay attention to the sideview mirror on the street side. As soon as you can see BOTH headlights of the car behind you in that mirro, straighten your wheel. Then to help know when to switch to step three.. as soon as your bumper is clear of… » 5/30/14 3:54pm 5/30/14 3:54pm